And what a messy future it appears to be!

Sorry for another extended delay on this one. I only realized this week that the incoming milestone of 200 pages of my run on the Melvin Chronicles was approaching, and I wanted to do something slightly special to celebrate.

It’s crazy to think how long this has been going (it’s actually slightly more than 200, counting Red’s little side story). I know the journey has been kind of rocky, between the delays, hiatuses, and me losing the plot a couple of times. Still, it has been a learning experience all the way through. One where I want to believe I have grown as an author, and have come to make a modest living off these goofy characters I’ve grow to love, after literal years of making them “my own”.

I really owe a lot to CD for giving me this chance, and to Robert for keeping up with my bad grammar (I’m making this post behind his back, so he probably will need to touch it up later (Robert’s edit: yup!). This comic would be illegible without his help

I really want to thank you guys for sticking with me on my convoluted ride; both through the lows, and what I hope may have been some highs. I wouldn’t be here without your support. Now to make another 200 pages, so we can figure out what even is going on in this vision of the future!