We are opening up a fan art section for those who wish to submit their art. You can do so by sending your images to coredumperror@gmail.com.

Regular reader and amazing artist Th3go made a delightful collection of Mary Thornton wearing an equally delightful selection of outfits!

Emily Smith provided a number of color variants for her take on “Princess Red”:

(Click each to view them at full size)


bay-salior-sunBay Smith from CD Rudd’s Sailor Sun!






Kazom pokeball SCALEDI did this piece in regards to the Pokemon Go craze.  Enjoy!

Kazom Fan ArtHere is CD’s version of my Kazom design!  Awesome!  Thanks, buddy.



Here are a few pieces from The Bach-Mann which he used to secure the job of artist from CD Rudd. Enjoy!

Jeanie BottleRed Avenger



Here is our first fanart submission! Great job!