The Dream is over, and the play is set. A new story is about to begin, and it will be Melvin and the gang’s first proper adventure! If Melvin messing with primordial magic wasn’t a scary thought already, looks like a new level of difficulty will be added to Melvin’s quest.

Good thing we had a double update this week, because the “getting used to the new characters syndrome” hit me hard on this one. Don’t worry though, Zuul and Vinz there aren’t as hard as they look, but getting the design for our “New” bad girl over here took some time. But she isn’t really a new character, ist she? nor is her cryptic “friend”, either! Not even Zuul and Vinz are new, here. Indeed, after a four years set up, is time to find out what role our beloved party of magic nerds played in the Blue Djinn storyline. We know that Kazom will bring the Quat Euzma to Jeanie eventually. Kahin is even spoiling the ending. But what sacrifices will this quest involve? How will this quest affect Melvin and co.? Will Red turn back into a geeky boy again, or embrace her life as a young, magical, super model? We will find out!… eventually.

First, we are taking a short break, back to the past. Next week we’ll go back to Red’s filler arc of her first day in Southeil. Mundane as it may sound, there is some fun stuff to learn from our young princess’s early days. I am looking forward to sharing, and I am sure you won’t mind spending some quality time with our girl for a couple of weeks! Obviously there was a delay on this special week of updates, but for anyone interested, I will still share some previews for the filler arc on Twitter and even here on the main page. Just not an actual comic update this weekend as planned, after all the effort to get this final page here, I think I rather have it stay front page for at least a week!