Hello everyone, Carlos/Hollum here. This is the most awkward post I’ve had to make since taking over this project, but there is no way around it. A hiatus of a month or two isn’t anything new, but this is the first time I took one without notice or official statement, and I truly regret that. There is no real excuse.

It wasn’t planned; I just missed two weeks of updates in a row due to work and other IRL issues around the holidays, and then just kind of decided to put my business in order before even attempting to getting back on schedule with the comic. It’s not the break that bothers me, but rather the fact I didn’t even attempt to update you all about it around here. Some people were able to contact me through Discord and the like, and I explained the state of the comic to them, but I should have been more direct about the updates. I am truly sorry.

Now, as for the actual update, the comic is back! Things finally calmed down on my end, and I can work at a normal peace again. So the pages will once again be coming out each Saturday until the current arc is over (we are almost there, I promise). Things should remain on schedule from there, though I may try something in between arcs; I have yet to decide. I will also make sure to post any pertinent announcement for the comic without fail from now on.

But just in case, you can not only still contact me through Discord if necessary in case you have doubts about the state of the comic, but because I know public chats aren’t for everyone, I am opening an official Melvin Chronicles account on Twitter meant only for quick announcements and updates. There isn’t much there at the time of writing this, but I hope to make good use of it in the future. You could also join the CD Rudd Discord server, if you like. And if all else fails, you can contact me through email at hollumdusk@gmail.com.

Again, I am extremely sorry for this abrupt hiatus without notice, and if anything, I promise to be more open about the state of the comic from now on. One way or the other I intent to keep you updated about incoming pages, breaks, or even special events. A communications blackout like this one won’t happen again!