Happy Halloween everyone!!

Today we’ve got a special treat: the very first filler for Melvin Chronicles 2.0!

Red and Holly really went all out with their costumes this year. Don’t they look great? Holly is dressed as Maria Renard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Red is dressed as the Succubus boss.

Carlos claims that he would have let Red dress up as Simon Belmont (since they usually share hair colors), but he chose Succubus for Red instead because her Scarlet Avenger outfit is too similar to Simon Belmont’s own. But we all know why he really chose Succubus. 🙂

EDIT: Hey guys, Carlos here with a quick announcement, in case you miss it, we have a new post in the front page, with some important news. Please, give it a read, and it you have any doubts, put them in the post so we can keep track of them more easily!