We’ve got a double announcement folks, so LISTEN UP!

1) The good news: CD Rudd is back from his deployment! Thus, regular Jeanie Bottle updates will finally resume this month, on March 26th!

2) The bad news: Carlos, the artist and writer of The Melvin Chronicles, lives in Venezuela. His entire country has been suffering from near-constant blackouts for the last week, and that’s made it impossible for him to work on Melvin Chronicles. That’s why this week’s comic is this announcement filler.

None of us have any idea how long these blackouts will last, so we’re afraid that we have to announce a hiatus for Melvin Chronicles of unknown duration. It could be just this week… It could be longer. We just don’t know.

I wish that second bit of news was better, but it is what it is. Hopefully things will be back to normal for Carlos, his family, and his whole country sooner rather than later.

Also, here’s Jean rocking that cute Venezeula tourist outfit in full resolution: