Hey guys, just wanted to leave a little announcement for whoever is interested. Recently at my Patreon I just started making polls for many subjects, mostly for fan art, pin ups and such, but there will also being some polls regarding some minor aspects of the Mc, like in this case, the name of this mysterious familiar on Ms- Annin’s hands.

The cat was out of the bag (pun totally intended) very much since her re introduction, still, even though she is an old character, the true is that I was never given a name for her, and I haven’t developed enough to have strong feelings for the character yet, so I thought it would be fun to leave the choice of her name to the readers who have join my patreon as a thank you for their support. If any of you is interested on have a said of this matter, you can check the page to see if you think it’s worth the price. I insist, the polls regarding the MC are for minor subjects, so don’t feel pressure to join, but still, if you feel interested, remember you can also vote for future pieces of art regarding the MC cast!