Hi guys! Carlos here, with an announcement. As the title says, I decided to start a Patreon! The truth is, a Patreon was something that was always on my mind, even before I started working on the Melvin Chronicles, but I was hoping to develop a stronger presence online before doing so. However, due to Patreon’s plans to change its policies for creators this May, I decided to open my page now, before things got unnecessarily complicated. My Patreon is a work in progress with not much going on at the moment, and just a one dollar tier for now.

Currently, the perks of being a patron are 48 hours of early access to any extra artwork that I make, including the monthly “Red’s Portfolio” images that I create. I plan to make almost all my content public eventually, either here or on my Deviant Art page, but I also plan to share some exclusive extras over on the Patreon every so often (like high-res pinups out of the pages of MC), and add some fun tiers in the future.

As I said, it’s a work in progress, and the content updates will be slow at first. But if you are interested in supporting my work and the comic, please give it a look. It has some fun extras from our favorite Fairy Stooges already, as well as an update for Easter, and a veteran of the MC cast will make her debut there in the new style later this week! Again, all this content is meant to be open to the public sooner than later, but I promise to expand what’s available for anyone willing to give their support!

And still, I am already thankful to you all for following the Chronicles, so don’t feel pressured to join the Patreon unless you think it’s really worth it to you. Simply by following my work, you are already doing a lot for me!