Hey guys, I have an announcement to make, though it is not a good one. As I’m sure most of you may have noted, there have been a lot of delays recently for the pages each week, not to mention the fact that I haven’t been able to go back to the old schedule of two pages per week as I wanted.

To tell the truth, this has been a product of many different factors, some of them outside my own control, like the blackouts my country endured some months back, or the serious issues with my Internet connection that I still suffer from. Though I still take part of the blame in regards how I’ve failed to manage my own schedule recently. The point being, I haven’t been able to work my buffer back up, and most weeks I have to rush the page to get it ready in time. In addition, I have other projects I have to work on, to which I just recently added the Patreon, which has become a surprisingly important part of my daily life, so I can’t afford to disregard it. Yet the Patreon is meant to support the comic, which means that disregarding the comic in its favor defeats the whole purpose. Not to mention, outside both the main comic or the Patreon, I really need to take time to develop some ways to promote them both. And when it comes down to it, this new schedule, alongside the problems I mention before, have finally gotten to me.

So, what am I going to do? Well, the Melvin Chronicles will enter a short hiatus, maybe a month or two, though this will not be a break. In that time, I intend to work my buffer back up to a decent level. The pages will continue to be made, but will not be published until I have enough of a buffer to work at ease, both on the comic, and on other projects. In that time, I hope to also be able to publish other content more frequently, both on Patreon and publicly, but I don’t intend to let this take over my work on the new pages either. It’s just a compromise to the ones that support me on Patreon, and also a way to keep contact with all of you, and maybe promote my work, and the Chronicles, in the process.

You can follow the new content I publish on my DA page, and if you want to keep updated in regards the state of the comic and its return to schedule, I recommend that you join CD Rudd’s Discord, where MC has its official channel. Due to my time zone, I am not especially active there, but I will answer any concerns you have for the comic over there, both during and after the hiatus.

I am really sorry for the problems, and I hope to get the schedule back in shape really soon. I hope you enjoy the other content for the time being, and don’t forget, either from Discord, DA, the comments of this very post, or my personal mail (hollumdusk@gmail.com), feel free to share your questions for the comic. I will do my best to respond. Thank you for your patience.