Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of update this week. Nothing earth shattering going on this time, just putting somethings in order for the start of the new storyline as well as putting the pipeline of work for the month in order, in fact, even now I must say that the next update would be more of a tease of what’s coming, rather than an actual page, but don’t worry, the schedule is safe for now. In the meantime, I wanted to share this amazing fan art, courtesy of the extremely talented Linkartoon who made it as a request of long time reader of our comics, Frany-C on our discord. Link may not be an actual follower of the MC himself, but I am an old time fan of his work, and I can’t describe how honored I was to see this amazing take of his, on my design for Fem Melvin, please don’t doubt of check out his work on twitter!

I guess Bunny Melvin may become the official mascot for fillers around here. But it’s that a bad thing, tho?