Indeed Mel, what a mess! Thanks for lending your talent to make it more bearable!

Okay guys, real talk, the delay this time went way beyond my control. The latest page, one that was to be big enough to cover for all the “oddities” you may have noticed in the last couple of weeks…

Well, I completely lost that page, due to file corruption. Virtually nothing could be saved, forcing me to start over from scratch. This corruption just happened last night, so the “starting from scratch” part will take some time… since this page was actually BIG! Now, Mel’s power alone can’t make up for all these delays (I think… she is very powerful, tho), as corrupted files or not, this page was already running very late.

So, I wanted to clear up a couple of things about the wait for the actual page: Yes, throughout April we went for a little “joke” arc, in case anyone had doubts about it. Which means that sadly, no, Mel and the rest of the girls (and BJ) didn’t turn into busty bunnygirls. That doesn’t mean the past couple of pages weren’t canon, tho. All the lines regarding the Lesser Keys of Solomon, and Red’s deal with the mysterious fairy, those are canon. Part of the lost page involved a removal of the “bunny filter” that had been applied to the previous pages, but this is the only thing I was able to save from it:

So yeah, the last couple of weeks weren’t a complete waste of time nor a complete jump of the shark (I hope), just a more “appealing” yet sadly unsustainable way to present the story (those suits aren’t cheap).

I hope you guys had some fun still, and sorry for extending the joke longer than was probably necessary. It may take me some time get the lost work back, so we are taking one more week of break so I can fix the schedule after this setback, since I realize that I’ve been falling behind for some weeks now. I will have a little follow up for this picture to make up for that in the meantime, but we should be back to the main story on June 1.

I know this has essentially been an unannounced Hiatus, but I’ll work on getting the schedule back in order now. Also, for those interested, I will post an “unkittied” version of this picture on Patreon next week with a couple of extras, so look out for that!… If you’re interested, of course.