A lot of you were curious as to how the time traveling shenanigans of Jeanie could lead this events on the MC. What went wrong (or right, depending of who you ask) on this timeline? What could put Melvin and Red against each other? How did Clarence even become a girl in this timeline? What lead to this moment? And why the in God’s Name is Kazom so buff?! Well, at first those questions were meant to remain unanswered, with Janie just going back to mess with the timeline once again, and all that. But you guys wanted those answers, and I wanted to draw more of Evil Tiffany, so, I present to you the Melvin Chronicles: RE-Chronicled! A mini arc, detailing the events of this mysterious timeline, starting next week, over at my Patreon, for all members of the Scarlet Avenger Tier, with some small extras and bonus available for the other tiers! I hope you enjoy it! Not like your new Dark Mistress would allow for anything else!