Ok, let’s get to it. Why is the page so late this time? Well, multiple reasons.

It’s true that I had a complicated weekend, with the usual suspects like connections issues, IRL business, and some old fashioned procrastination that I am fully responsible for. But in truth, I also had some writer’s block on this one. Transition pages aren’t always easy. You need them to link important events together, but the fact that there isn’t much going on within them makes them a difficult beast.

I originally had a different page planned, which was a little more mean spirited, but I scrapped that to show a different side of Mary. We know by now what intentions Mary has for her new daughter in the present, but I wanted to show that she would still react like any other mother to this kind of event, at first. At least, I think this should be about right.

None the less, I’m truly sorry about the delay. The next page should be posted Sunday, to give this page some time to breath. After that, everything should be back on schedule.