Main Cast

Melvin Clark

The unofficial leader of the trio of friends. Melvin sees himself as the wise wizard of the party.

Comics: 153
Recent Appearance: 72: Where Have I Seen that Before?
First Appearance: # 01 Her Name Is Red


BJ, or Boyd Johnson, thinks himself the ladies man. He couldn't be more wrong, but that doesn't stop him from trying to woo the fairer sex when he can.

Comics: 88
Recent Appearance: 68: Foolproof Plan: The fool's plan.
First Appearance: # 01 Her Name Is Red

Tiffany "Red" Thornton

Red was a boy until a new genie tried to get Melvin a girlfriend. That's when the genie turned Red into a girl so Melvin could practice talking to girls, and forgot to turn her back before disappearing. Red is hopeful that her situation is only temporary.

Comics: 111
Recent Appearance: 88: Not the Rear Window, but Close...
First Appearance: # 01 Her Name Is Red



Kazom is a 3,000 year old genie. In order to conserve power and thereby extend his life, Kazom does as little magic as possible. He is bound in the form of the Clark family's cat and mostly just lays around Melvin's Room.

Comics: 125
Recent Appearance: 102: Not Quite Starry Eyes
First Appearance: # 03 Into The Blue Wizard's Lair!

Lord Guano

Genie Lord, he generally oversees the genies under his charge, including his former mentor, Former-Lord-Kazom.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: #111 Guano?


Young new genie, formerly a human. She had to spend at least one day training with an older experience genie. Kazom mentored Jeanie, but did nothing as she ran a muck with her magic. Including turning Melvin's redhead friend into a girl (which she happened to forget to reverse before her departing). Character from CD's popular comic, "I Dream of Jeanie Bottle".

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: 85: An Eye For Talent
First Appearance: 16: Suspicions



She is the familiar of Lorion, of the Azure House of Witchcraft. She's young and impetuous often acting out of turn of her master's wishes. Though she can be arrogant, she is fiercely devoted with a kind heart. She became Lorion's familiar after the death of his previous one. Much of her troubles are caused by her desire to prove herself worthy of being chosen by one of the oldest and most prestigious houses.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: 5: The New BJ
First Appearance: #113 Azure Agents


Lorion is a witch of the House Azure. He is also of the House Sable. Kidnapped, and raised for a time under the influence of black magic, young Lorion was rescued from the clutches of his estranged father and returned to House Azure. He is considered by most witches to be tainted by his exposure to black magic.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: #128 The Game Is 'Apaw'
First Appearance: #119 Stand Down

The Imposition


Reginald Smythe, or #1 is the latest patriarch in the long line of The Imposition. The Imposition has sworn to protect human kind from witchcraft. It is said that the Smythe family was given this task by a pope of Rome. Some say it was an ancient king that bestowed the charge. Whatever the real story is, the Smythe family takes it's job very seriously.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: #159 BARF!
First Appearance: #139 Different Signature


Ronny Smythe is next in line in this family of witch hunters. Ronny assumed this position when his older sister, Rachael was killed in service. He's cocky and a bit too fond of the ladies, but make no mistake, he is a very skilled hunter.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: 16: Suspicions


Riley Smythe is third in the hunter line. She is intelligent and calculating, almost nothing can shake her from a hunt once she's started.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: #159 BARF!


Kaelyn is the youngest member of The Imposition. As the daughter of the ill-fated Racheal, she is close to her grandfather and trainer, #1. She may find that the lines get a little blurry in the field, and somethings training can't prepare you for.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: #159 BARF!
First Appearance: #136 Surprises

Class Mates


Holly is Melvin's crush. After the genie incident Holly is aware that Melvin likes her, but there is a little too much strange surrounding Melvin and his friends for Holly's liking.

Comics: 26
Recent Appearance: 51: A Trip Down Memory Lane
First Appearance: # 16 Liam's Plan?


Liam is Melvin's nemesis. Liam seeks to best Melvin and his friends in all things nerdy, and has so far succeeded.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: 51: A Trip Down Memory Lane
First Appearance: # 08 Horde Rush!


This quirky, awesome girl, is Holly's best friend. The pair grew up together and have become more like sisters.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: 29: Beware the Quiet Ones
First Appearance: # 16 Liam's Plan?

Patrica Stockman

Friend of Red's at the all girls academy.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: 88: Not the Rear Window, but Close...
First Appearance: # 16 Liam's Plan?


Susan Clark

The mother of Melvin Clark. Susan works long hours as a nurse in order to take care of Melvin. Although she is still wondering where he got Kazom...

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: 51: A Trip Down Memory Lane
First Appearance: # 14 What?

Henry Thornton

Red's father. Henry is a big time producer who was never really happy with the nerd that his son had become. TV and film is not the place for nerdy redheaded guys. Then his son became a beautiful young woman, and that is something that TV and film love. While he is a little sad he's lost his son, he's happy to have gained a photogenic daughter.

Comics: 0

Mary Thornton

Mary is an intelligent, beautiful woman who found herself the trophy wife of a prominent Hollywood producer. With her son transformed into a female, she sees it as a happy situation that could possibly bring them closer to each other.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: 89: Sleeping for the Job
First Appearance: # 21 Red's Tough Break, Part 2

Liam's Mother

A conservative, wealthy philanthropist married to a business tycoon, becoming a mother late in life.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: # 36 Turn-A-Ment: Nerdly Weapon
First Appearance: #15 Huh?!



The German born house keeper of the Thornton's, Helga has been in the Thornton household for a few years. Helga came to the Thornton's by way of a recommended agency from Liam's mother to Mary Thornton. Helga is kind and gentle. It can be said that she has been more of a motherly influence in Red's life.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Red's First Day - Page 05
First Appearance: # 21 Red's Tough Break, Part 2

Ida Snow

Former model and in charge of handling new talent. Ida is currently Red's handler.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: #160 A Disturbance In The Force
First Appearance: # 18 The Scarlet Revenger

The Van Man

Owner of The House Of The Rising Fun. Van is a laid back old stoner who likes to reminisce about the early days of tabletop RPGs. He often tells amazing stories that are hard to believe.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: # 38 Turn-A-Ment : House of the Setting Fun
First Appearance: # 07 The Fighting V!